I'm Jente, a young industrial designer, graduated at Ghent University in 2015.
In 2016 I did an extra graphical course called Brand & Packaging Design at LUCA Ghent.

During my Industrial design education, I learned how to form and produce goodlooking and practical objects to create added value to people's lifes and their environments.
Afterwards I learned how to let a product stand out of the pack through visual design, brand and packaging.

Since I was a little kid, I drew the things around me: every holiday I took my little sketchbook with me. Together with my skillful dad, we also made some things I drew at home. 
Later on I tried more to style things that interested me. Next to drawing, I also became interested in how things worked practically. I once bought an old motorbike and disassembled it to look how it worked technically inside. So the choice of becoming an designer was quite predestinated.

Next to drawing and making things, I also have passions for music and sports.
As a kid I learned to play the guitar; first on my own, later with some friends in a band. When I grew older, I also became interested in electronic music and taught myself how to spin and produce music in my spare time.
I also like endurance sports such as running and cycling to keep myself fit during the busy weeks.

design interests
minimalism - styling - materials - textures - modularity - interior - transportation - lasercutting - branding - illustration - details
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